As an NUS student, have you ever wanted to build something and wondered if your peers had already done it? Perhaps instead of starting afresh, it might be a better idea to collaborate with others. You could make new friends, learn from someone who may be (even slightly) more experienced than you, and maybe just find out more about the problems you may face.

This is where Code@NUS comes in. We aim to be the central repository for NUS folks to showcase and promote their open-source projects, making discovery easy and fast.

To that end, we have made this whole platform hackable - you can send us pull requests for practically anything you see on this website. The source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/nushackers/code-nus. Even adding your project requires a pull request =). To find out more, head over to our guide for more details.


Code@NUS is maintained by NUS Hackers, but anyone is welcome to contribute!