Want to contribute?

Adding your project

Right now, we only support GitHub projects - if you feel strongly about using a different platform, let us know by either opening an issue or contacting us directly.

To add your projects, head over to https://github.com/nushackers/code-nus-repos and fork the repository. Then follow these instructions to add your project and send us a pull request. We'll review the request to check that everything is set, then deploy it; your project will appear on the site soon after that!

Fixing bugs & requesting features

If you find something wrong or have some features you'd like to see, there are two things you can do:

  1. Fork the repository https://github.com/nushackers/code-nus, fix the bug/add in the feature and send us a pull request.
  2. Open an issue and describe what's wrong/what could bee better.

Method 1 is highly preferred =), but if you are too busy/not sure what to do, feel free to go through method 2 so we know there's something we can do.